Friday, April 16, 2010


Growing up we memorized quotes.

Lots and lots of quotes.

If we memorized them, we could earn more "points" toward getting our money doubled for our allowance at the end of the week (learn more about the money system here). And because I was a "saver" boy you can bet I wanted that money doubled. So I slaved away to learn those quotes.

Man alive am I ever glad.

They come to my mind all the time and they are powerful.

So after much contemplation on what in the world to put in the alcove at the top of my stairs (I'm very particular about what I put on my walls as I explained here) I came across this chalkboard at Pottery Barn I HAD to have. (It helped that my dear sis-in-law worked there so I could get myself a hefty discount on it...thanks Kara!)

You see, I envisioned it filled with those quotes I memorized growing up, and new ones too.

And each time we climb the stairs we can think about something uplifting and empowering.

Each week I write something new up there.

And the kids have declared that they should have "turns" too.
Now on to start getting the kids to memorize these babies...
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