Tuesday, April 27, 2010

motherhood epiphanies

Although in comparison with most I am still relatively new to motherhood (I have SO much to learn), there are a few things I've had epiphanies about in my 12-year motherhood career so far:

1) Don't get your kids involved in sports too early. (Unless you want to see how cute they look in those little teeny soccer/b-ball or baseball outfits, which is a very valid reason...three- and four-year-old Max looked darling in his soccer and baseball outfits.) But really, in my humble opinion they don't learn much when they are so small. I love that Grace and Elle just barely started soccer. They're at an age where they "get it" and I don't feel at all like the other kids who have played through the years totally dominate over them. (And yes, I'm speaking for myself because maybe the other parents on the team are thinking to themselves "get those inexperienced players off our team!") But they don't say that to me so my epiphany still holds strong.

2) It is so important to get to know your kids' teachers at school. If you do, your life will be richer (because teachers are awesome), and your children will benefit. I really think that when teachers and parents have a good relationship and the communication is open about their child everything is better...you know what to do to help at home, the teachers know you really care and help push your kids from school, etc. Oh man we have been SO lucky with teachers and I count them as my dear friends.

3) The time kids open up and talk the most is at night right when their poor parents are on the edge of losing it because they're so darn tired.

4) It's worth it even if you're dead/dog/tired to snuggle up with a child at night and see what they have to say.

5) Family Home Evening and family dinners are gifts from Heaven.

6) Watching your children sleep is the best medicine to take after a particularly harrowing, stressful day. It will make everything seem miraculously better.

Just a few I've been thinking about lately.

What are your motherhood epiphanies?
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