Thursday, March 11, 2010

another book give-away

Another wonderful blogger (isn't it kind of funny we are called "bloggers"? ...I find that word funny...maybe that's because I'm way over-tired right now) is doing A Mother's Book of Secrets book give-away here. This is actually a girl I go way back to junior high days with. We lost touch and have recently found each other again. She has some awesome design stuff over there on her blog. I wish I lived next door to her so she could help me with my sprucing-up projects over here that are killing me since I cannot make a decision to save my soul.

So now you have two ways to win a copy of the book: here and here. (Isn't Sarah's blog so great? Did you find the tutorials about how to do bigger pictures on blogs and how to do a cool blog banner on your own blog? And are you as inspired as I am about de-cluttering your house after reading her recent posts? I don't think that woman ever sleeps. I wish I lived next door to her too).

And just to clarify for those who don't know, this book is not about Lucy. It is a collection of 40 motherhood "secrets," twenty from my seasoned mother of nine, and twenty from me in the motherhood "trenches."

Although the book is not about Lucy specifically, amongst the pictures of Motherhood Moments it does have some of her like this gem:This was how she looked in the car today for like two hours. And sprawled out on the floor of Old Navy too. It was a fun day.

So, go win a book! I think both will announce the winners tomorrow.
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