Friday, February 19, 2010

Patience... something I have a high deficiency in these days.

Although I strive to "keep it real" on this blog, sometimes the craziness still doesn't come through. I mean, sure, I'm there with my camera handy for many of the sweet moments. But no one happens to be there holding a camera when I'm stomping mad because my kids have ignored me for the ninetieth time in a day, or when they have left their soggy post-bath towels crumpled up on the floor for the 841st time.

Yes, I do believe that if I had my own personal photographer to capture our life right now, I think we'd have a bunch of pictures of me with those little cartoon puffs of smoke coming out of my ears.

In church a couple weeks ago as my kids were busy seemingly needing to be suction-cupped to some portion of my body at every angle and had yanked up my skirt for the tenth time in a row with their shenanigans and Lucy kept letting out her "chewbaka" yowl in the middle of the most quiet parts of the service, I tried to "go to my happy place" and remember that there are many joys in having children. Now, what were they again???

And then a "tender mercy" came along as Grace, with her vice-grip on my arm snuggled in as close as humanly possible to my side, looked up in my eyes and whispered, "I can't wait 'til I'm a Mom." with all the conviction and love in her voice you could imagine.

Well, that snapped me out of my impatience and my heart melted into those dark brown eyes of hers...

...for at least three minutes until another yowl came from Lucy, and someone spilled the colored pencils out all over the hard-wood floor.

But thank goodness for those little "tender mercies" to get us through sometimes!
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