Monday, February 22, 2010


It has been so warm and nice around here that the kids have decided it's swim weather.
I personally think they're crazy, but how can you turn down faces like these when they ask to swim?

We've also spent a bunch of time at the park soaking in all the nice weather.

But wouldn't you know that it would cool down and pour with rain right on the final play-offs for our Primary softball:The kids were all just about frozen into ice cubes by the time they were done, but all in all it was a good season as evidenced on these faces:(We've started up Primary softball in our Stake for the first time and we've all surprisingly loved it despite the craziness with all the ward conferences and meetings this time of year. My new best friends in the Stake Primary presidency and I have been staying so darn busy meeting with all the wards and going to hours on end of church on Sundays to do sharing times and getting ready for day camp. I've been making the rounds visiting Pinewood Derbies and Blue and Gold banquets like nobody's business. Luckily my girls like to come along to those things so I don't feel so bad being away so much.)

I got to go to the Renaissance Festival with Elle and a whole slew of other sixth graders:
I love watching that girl interact with her friends. She's a sweetie pie.
She has been mourning lately since a whole bunch of her friends get to go into Young Womens around now and she has to wait 'til her birthday in August (she's just so young for her grade).

Grace has been reading like crazy to try to catch up with her AR goals:

And Elle works like the dickens to keep up with all her homework.
Yesterday it started POURING while we were at church. The kids thought it was the greatest thing that's ever happened and they begged to run home so they could get drenched in the rain. I let them out a block away from our house and watched them run in glee all the way home. It was one of those little "moments" I don't want to forget.

All these blossoms are KILLING poor Max and I with our allergies.
And just FYI, Max and Dave DO live here and are, indeed, alive and well. They just dread the camera when it comes out so I don't get them in here much. Max just started his first football season ever and it's TOUGH, but he seems to love it. His b-ball team is still undefeated and they have play-offs next week.

Ok, that's all for now!
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