Monday, January 11, 2010

potty training

We tried this over the break:It didn't work.

At all.

The problem with this is that I'm a strict potty-trainer. I'm serious about it. Potty training is my "thing."

This is my system:

1) buy the most appealing panties/underwear at the store for the particular child you are potty training. (Elmo, Spiderman, Dora, etc.)

2) ooooo and ahhhhh over how amazing they are (yes, the underwear)

3) put them in a special place until the designated "potty day" (show the child the upcoming date on the calendar, count down the days, talk about how excited you are, etc....and don't schedule ANYTHING else for that day or the few days after...that's of course where it gets tricky...but I try my best)

4) on the designated day, say goodbye to diapers and get ready for lots of accidents

5) have said potty-trainee sit on toilet for endless hours and drink gallons of liquids

6) give stickers on a sticker chart AND a skittle or m&m every time there is a success

7) talk excitedly about the reward (decided together beforehand) that comes after the sticker chart is filled

8) try not to freak out more than completely necessary at the messes involved

9) enjoy your newly potty-trained child

One extra note: once potty training starts there's NO GOING BACK. Diapers are gone (except at night and for naps). No matter how hard and frustrating it gets, I've found the longest it really takes if you're serious is three days, and to me it's worth it to have a few agonizing days to get results.

Simple, right? It's worked like a charm four times. It was hard work, but seriously, bring it on if it's gonna help get rid of those diapers.

But not this time. This time I gave in. Even with my three older daughter cheerleaders at my side.

Lucy doesn't get it.

And I'm left to wonder:

Am I pushing her too hard? (even though I waited way longer than I did with my other kids)
Should I have given up so easily after two days of messes?
Did I let her quit trying because I'm labeling her with a syndrome and not expecting what I should?
Was I wrong to try when she really can't pull up her pants yet?
Have I become a push-over?
Am I just a sucker because Lucy is my baby?
Should I stick with it for longer and drive us both nuts?

I don't know.

What I do know, however, is that someday in the future Lucy is going to kill me for posting that picture...
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