Wednesday, June 10, 2009

summer goals

This is what we have been up to this summer:
Man these kids have been busy. They've made us some great meals and wow they are pretty darn good at P90X by now.


  1. Are your kids taking summer classes? just was it was time to get my Lindsay back in gymnastics after the broken arm it slugged me in the gut - they moved her to train with the team for summer and that is 12 hours a week. We only get so much free time. I think I want the summer off and need to "be there" more with them and not dropping and picking up at the gym.

  2. Who is doing P90X??

    I've heard a lot about. Just curious who is doing it and if they've liked it so far :)

  3. Genius about the goals. I think I should do that with my kiddos.
    We have absolutely nada planned for the summer {sigh}
    Besides me working a lot and dealing with the new babe.

  4. The whole family's in on P90X. We do it together a lot but Max and Elle are totally doing it by themselves a lot too (although they sure take a lot of breaks!)

  5. LOVE IT! Can't wait to see these plastered on the walls of the Bamboo House at Bear Lake!

  6. i love this!! my little guy is too young for this, but i think i will make one for myself.


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