Monday, March 30, 2009


I get a rush when I can run two miles. I know that sounds wimpy, but seriously, that's a big deal for me.

I get a rush when I can single-handedly tuck all five kids in bed and stay upbeat the whole time, noticing the little things I love about each of them as I snuggle their little bodies close to me and savor our night-time talks.

I get a rush when I finish five loads of laundry, get them folded and put away all in the same morning.

Or when I beat Dave at his new Boggle game on his iphone.

So I must say I get a big rush when I see my name printed as an author on a book that is published.

Serious rush.

You see, my Mom and I wrote a book last summer. A book on motherhood.Man oh man I'll be honest and tell you it was no small feat with all the other stuff we had going on!

We hadn't planned on cramming all the work into one summer but we had to work with some unexpected deadlines to have a Mother's Day 2009 release date, and we happened to be together at Bear Lake in July anyway.

I wrote down what happened on the morning we were trying to turn in our first official draft of the manuscript to the publisher, mainly because we were cracking up at the comedy of events whirling around us as we tried to tie up some loose ends:

Elle was pounding on the piano.

Max was stomping around mad as a hornet that I was going to make him practice too.

Lucy fell off a bench on her head.

My Dad got shocked so bad by the electric horse wire that it knocked him off his feet...literally.

My Mom was trying to figure out logistics to get the life-size cardboard cutout of my sister (who's on a mission) up to the lake for the family reunion since she (the sister) had just written a letter to tell us we better include "her" in everything up there.

Lucy beat all records of stinkiness, twice. (And the second time I didn't have another extra diaper at that house to change her.)

Lucy was also in her clingy stage and was magnetized to my lap most of the time doing acrobatics over my arms as I was trying to type.

Oh boy it turned out to be pretty funny.

And man oh man it was a rush to send in that manuscript the last time after tons of revisions and re-working that had to be done this Fall.

BUT, in hindsight all the craziness was worth it a hundred times over. It's been so fun to work with my amazing Mother and I'm so thankful for such a great opportunity and excited about it all. It made for an extra full summer and Fall, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Sooooo, I figured it was time to get the word out.

The book includes 40 really short little "secrets" we've learned in motherhood. My Mom writes from her perspective incorporating all her ideas and experience having raised nine kids. My "secrets" are what I'm learning from my perspective "in the trenches." There are also about 40 pictures from SEP photography included in there.

What I'm saying, I guess, is that I think you're gonna like this book (especially for the stuff from my mom because let's be honest, she's the real writer here)...and maybe your mom, or daughter, or cousin, or sister, or friend would like it too.

Click here for the link with more info.

Bottom line is, I'm SO excited!
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