Monday, April 20, 2009


Growing up in a family of nine kids there was never a shortage of people to hang out with.

And to dream up imaginary adventures with.

My sister and I shared a bedroom with adjacent beds adorned with yellow gingham Holly Hobby bedspreads. They became our "covered wagons" in our "games" we made up. Oh man we spent HOURS in there making up all kinds of crazy stuff.

We had a tree house clear up in a giant pine tree in front of our house when we lived in Virginia. We couldn't get enough of climbing up there, imagining our afternoons away.

We had a patch of oak trees in Salt Lake where we would make up all sorts of make-believe stuff too. There was a nearby super duper ugly evergreen shaggy bush with these cool berry-type things on it we would squoosh into a concoction we'd call our perfume. Mmmm, those berries smelled so good I thought we could make millions with our secret perfume recipe.

I love to think about the hours we spent so carefree back then.


Not a care in the world.

And now I love to watch my kids get lost in their own make-believe world.
Too bad that theirs is against the backdrop of a cinder block wall. But they don't seem to mind. For some reason Claire and her friends always gravitate to this spot. And boy howdy do they ever get completely lost in their adventures.

They make even a cinder block wall and gravel very comfortable for their "children."
And this snake looks particularly at home in it's special spot.
I love that at one point someone must have realized the cinder block wall really wasn't the most attractive thing, and decided that taping flowers to it would remedy the situation quite nicely.

Good idea, I must say.Of course, the adventures must be complete with some serious fancy outfits.

I'm all for make-believe.

Now if I can just quit signing them up for so darn much stuff so they can really live it up like I used to.

You can't put a price on unscheduled time.

Thanks Mom, for giving me that gift.

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