Tuesday, February 3, 2009

church attire etiquette

I'm just wondering...is it bad to let your daughter wear Crocs to church? And does it make it better or worse if they're paired with mis-matched socks because every other sock in your house happened to be in a jumble in the dryer and you could only find these two as you scrambled out the door because you were late (again)?

Let's take into account that this specific daughter (not to mention any names) is a super feisty girl who is pleased as punch that you gave in and let her wear them instead of her stuffy mary-janes (running battle-of-the-wills tally: Lucy: 342, Shawni: 4), and hey, we have to take into account that they are adorned with pretty darling bows your new friend came over and "installed" a couple weeks ago because she knew how much that girl loves her Crocs. (Thanks Jessi.)

Anyway, just wondering...
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