Sunday, November 9, 2008

boston & babies

I get to go to Boston on Friday. I'm taking my main man #2 (Max) and my arch nemesis (Lu...and I mean that in a nice way...I think...) to help my sister welcome a new baby into the world (I'm sure Lu will do a whole ton of helping). Max and I are giddy with excitement (Elle got to go with me last year so it's Max's turn, and Lu, well, Lu needs her mama right now). My mom is on an around-the-world speaking tour and can't be there, so my sister came up with this great idea for me to come help her as I help myself to get my "baby fix." She even invited me to the actual birth, which she does all by herself (no drugs) and I was so honored and excited.

Only one problem. She had her baby early this morning. That sweet little babe just didn't want to wait for her favorite Aunt to arrive. Well, she better be ready for a whole ton of snuggling on Friday! Can't wait to meet you Miss Emmeline Rose! Congratulations you guys!
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