Wednesday, October 29, 2008

decoration nostalgia

You know those holiday decorations that give you that totally nostalgic feeling inside when you pull them out each year? They could be the really awesome ones like a beautiful nativity set or a pretty fall garland or they could be total doozies like some we had growing up: a stuffed patchwork reindeer head at Christmas and stuffed nylon fat pilgrims my mom would pull out for the Thanksgiving decor. It's weird that sometimes the cheesiest decorations give me the most nostalgia. To me there's just a certain feeling that comes, memories recalled, etc. that come with pulling out the same decorations year after year.

Well, we have a couple Halloween decorations that my kids sure already have that nostalgic feeling for. Man oh man they love these things. And the funny thing is they're kind of dorky things I picked up at Walgreens or the grocery store in a moment of weakness when my kids were begging for them years ago.

The first is Mr. Bones. Boy howdy does this guy elicit some serious delight from my kids when we pull him out each year. He turns on triggered by loud noises like clapping or screaming (unfortunately my kids seem to prefer the later), and does some little song along with a little jig. And they LOVE it. took Lu a while to warm up to him this year, but she's finally more cautiously delighted now than completely freaked out when she first saw him.The second is our little witch who tells jokes and turns from beautiful to green and ugly as she "talks." Seriously, a pretty annoying little thing, but man we can never get rid of it. To my kids this little lady "makes" Halloween. So she's staying, as much as she may bug me and her jokes get old, the delight on my kids' faces makes up for it.
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