Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lucy can walk, Elle can run and other random stuff

So Dave is home safe and sound and all is suddenly right in the world again (aside from a chorus of stuffy noses and sneezes going on around here all day). We are laden down with some great Chinese knock-offs he brought home for us and he's even almost over his jet lag already.

Despite really missing Dave we did a lot while he was gone and the kids were so helpful and great. (Except for Lucy who is going through detox I think. She's totally irritable from withdrawals from her favorite foods and she just can't understand why she can't be our little vacuum to finish up the little girl's dinner leftovers anymore. Poor girl.) Among other things we
-cleaned out cupboards
-went on some great walks to enjoy the gorgeous weather
-had some fun movie nights
-I diagnosed Elle with strep throat and she took charge of her antibiotics and got over it quick
-I went to two baby showers
-had two photoshoots
-the kids helped me put on my book club spread at our house and for the first time really seemed to grasp that it would be fun to sit and discuss a book (they begged with all their hearts to stay up). We (the book club) had read The Alchemist and had such a great discussion about it.
-Grace had "the best day ever" at school after having a long succession of "worst days ever" in a row...a big highlight for all of us
-I let the three older girls take turns sleeping with me each night. I got lots of sleep the nights Elle was my bed companion...she sleeps like a rock. Not so much sleep went on with Grace and Clarie though. Man those girls are thrashers and sleep-talkers.
-I got to go with my two cousin-in-laws to get pedicures for one of their birthdays. Happy Birthday Kara!!
-we had a completely impromptu "polar bear" swim party with the fifteen extra kids over at our house one day (yes, I did say fifteen extras, and no, I'm not exaggerating). These kids were crazy. It must have been so icy in there.One of the most exciting things while Dave was gone, though, was that Lucy took two steps. We were all so delighted for her we could hardly stand it. Max sat there dreamily with a big smile on his face and said, "I'm going to remember this day forever." And because of that sweet remark, I'm going to remember that moment forever too. I think Lucy being a late walker is sent directly from Heaven to help me get over the fact that my last baby is starting to walk. If she would have walked at a year (or even earlier) I would have probably been a complete basket case (she's growing up too fast, blah blah blah). But because we've been so worried about her and cheering her on as she progresses those steps were a huge milestone. Now she won't do it again, but deep down we know she can do it. And that's a big deal.

Elle became my running companion last week too. She was the only one who wanted to go running with me on Saturday morning and we had such a great time. She is such a good runner and hung in there right by me the whole time. The weather is amazing and I love that we have a riparian preserve and so many horse properties around here. Elle and I soaked in the beautiful horses and stopped to wonder about how strange emus are when we came across one of them.
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