Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014 picture overload

My sister is in town.  LOVE to share this holiday with that girl.

Grace gave and awesome talk in church:

Easter dinner with cousins:

Grace's posing:

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter prep

I don't know why I love painting Easter eggs so much.  

I mean, they are a lot of work, and we make a big mess.  But there's something about it I just love.  

Maybe it's just the creative juices that get me going.   Love Lucy's concentration on her "creativity."

Maybe it's because it's a time to "stop time" and be all together.
...even with my busy, never-around-these-days teenagers.

 (like that orange hair streak?)

I don't know but I just love it.

Scouring Pinterest for ideas...

We did our "Easter Story Cookies" again this year.

Here's Claire beating the pecans...And Lu reading about the first Easter:

For some reason these puppies didn't work out so hot this year.  We never got the stiff peaks with those egg whites.
...And they were flat as pancakes in the morning, but it was fun to go through all the scriptural references together anyway and seal them in our "tomb" overnight.

The Easter Bunny found us and did his traditional string-leading-from-the-beds-to-the-Easter-baskets dealio.
...not 'til 1:30 am, but he did come :)
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