Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday ponderings -- many revelations daily

I'm really trying to do these "Sunday Ponderings" on Sundays here and there.  It may only happen once a month, but I love having a place to write the more spiritual things jumbled up with everything else on my mind.

I've been working hard on "self-discipline" lately, and one of the top things I'm trying to be better at is bringing in more of the spirit into my days.  When I bring the spirit into my days, I bring it into our family.  And it goes without saying that when a home is filled with the guidance and goodness of the spirit, it is a pretty great thing. 

Though the squabbling and messes and ruckus are the normalcy of daily life around here, it is a constant that when I carve out more deliberate time for prayer and scriptures, that spirit is bound to linger.

And make life better.  And more holy (more about holiness back HERE).

I may have written something about this "revelation" thought a while back because I've been thinking about it so much, but here are the details.  I was listening to the scriptures as I was getting ready one day and I was in Helaman in the Book of Mormon. 

Verse 23 says: "And in the seventy and ninth year there began to be much strife. But it came to pass that Nephi and Lehi, and many of their brethren who knew concerning the true points of doctrine, having many revelations daily, therefore they did preach unto the people, insomuch that they did put an end to their strife in that same year."

Now, the context of this scripture isn't totally apparent from that little verse, but I love to liken verses to my life now, and this hit me hard.  "There began to be much strife."  All of us mothers can relate to that, right?

But I love that Nephi and Lehi "knew concerning the true points of doctrine" [in my mind that means they studied the word of God, they prayed, their hearts were soft and they had contrite spirits just as I want to be] and because of that, they had "many revelations daily."

Oh how I want those "many revelations" from above as I make my way through life!  I love that when I make prayer and searching the scriptures real in my life and LISTEN, we get those "revelations" which I like to call "nudges" as to what to do in life.  How to deal with certain situations, how to respond to others, how to hone in on what others need.  (Isn't the word "nudge" a great one?)

The other day I was so frustrated with one of my children (for a reason that isn't really relevant to this story).  I was about ready to fly off the handle with her but I stopped and said a little prayer and tried to get that "revelation" as to how to deal with it and it was amazing how guided I felt.  We ended up having a loving, calm conversation that was so much more productive than me getting stomping mad.

Another nudge happened when I was sick with worry about Lucy's handbell situation.  I had a nudge to call her Braille teacher (thanks to a comment from a blogger that I had a nudge to remember), and it has made such a difference.  (handbell story over HERE)

There were no gentle or nudges or "revelations" around when I let the last straw break the camel's back at Zion's National Park last weekend (more coming about that) and got so freaky mad at one of my girls I left her on the sidelines of the river walk for a little bit while we both huffed and puffed.

But you win some and you lose some, right?

Bottom line is that I know God will guide us on the little things AND the big things, and give freely of those "many revelations daily" when we put in our own effort and search for the guidance He is so willing to send.  He WANTS to guide us, we are His children after all.  And I'm so grateful for the guidance he's given me and my family when we decide to LISTEN and let Him in.

Verse 19 below is pretty great too: 
May we all continue to SEEK which will lead to FINDING the guidance we need daily.

Friday, October 20, 2017

football games, school visits, another gorgeous hike and more Eyre gatherings:) {Fall Break 2017 -- part 4}

We lucked out that the days we were able to visit family in Utah also happened to be the days filled with cousin football games.  We had wanted to watch these kids play for a while so we hit the jackpot in the football arena. 

We raced from Provo (last post) up north of Salt Lake to watch this nephew Micah in his Sophomore football game.
He nailed it, meaning he's pretty dang good, and they won the game keeping their undefeated streak.  I loved having my sis-in-law Julie sitting next to me explaining all the action (honestly I'm horrible at football I tell you!).

We sat on these bleachers that were somehow on stilts built into a mountain side so that canyon breeze was nippy coming through and we felt a little like we were in Antarctica.  (I think the biggest thing I learned on this trip is that we sure are wimpy desert-dwellers.)
Loved getting to give Micah a hug at the end and run off to my sister Saren's boys' game later that night to meet up with her family and Lucy who had gone home with them from Provo.

They were playing their big rivals so they held the game at Weber State University to hold the crowd and it was quite a game.
Their team hasn't won against these big rivals in years so the pressure was on and there was so much excitement in the air.

...which escalated when they won in double over time and it was so fun to be in the middle of all that whopping and hollering and jumping around in delight.

We went home to their house along with a crowd of friends and ate cookies and talked until late.  It seems that every time we go to Utah we stay with my parents so we don't get the chance to just be one on one with this family very often and we sure loved it.

The next morning Grace and Claire had the opportunity to go to school with their cousins.

Claire was over-the-moon excited about this little dealio, and she and her cousin found the perfect school uniform from Eliza's closet to help her fit in.
Grace was surprisingly excited as well, mixed in with a lot more nerves. 

I mean, it was high school after all.
But she came back pretty glowing like Claire was.  So grateful for that opportunity they had to see how different schools run.

While the kids were gone, Lucy stayed with one of Saren's twins and played games galore while Saren and I went and hit a mountainside to check out the beauty of the fall foliage that neither of us could get enough of.  
Honestly, that place was at it's peak and our hearts were soaring with love for it all.

I'm so grateful my parents gave us that love of nature that we can feel almost vibrating through our bones when we're in the middle of it.

And I love that they gave me that sister of mine who's guided my way through so much of life.

Obviously we couldn't get enough:)

I loved that there was this "single tree" at the end of the trail:
Reminded us both of that Grandfather's Secret my Dad has taught all our kids (back HERE).
We were starving by the time we got back to we treated ourselves to this:
...and these two came to join us mid-way through all that deliciousness to tell us all about their day at high school together:

 We all met up at Waffle Love after that which all those kids were so mad about.

And we visited this awesome art house right down the street from Saren's house, crunching these gorgeous big leaves along the way:
I think they are so beautiful, even with the wrinkled, faded colors.  (more about my leaf-love HERE)

Next stop for our last night in town was Dave's sister Julie's house.

We didn't get any pictures at their home, so I'm posting this one in lieu of that, to say that man alive I love this family.
Yes they have five other kids as well, this was just taken after Elias's game, but just look at that awesome couple right there.  They are power I tell you.  I love that I get to be related to them.

The plan was for us to go to Micah's varsity game that night (the nephew we had watched in his sophomore game the afternoon before).  But Julie made an executive decision to stay and have a girls night since she knew they were going to get crushed.  So we did.  Loved sitting up late talking and talking and then adding Seth to the conversation when he got back from the game.

The next morning was our other nephew's game.

They played a pretty great game and I think we might have been good luck charms because every game we went to was a win :)

The sun was out and the sky was beautiful lighting up the mountains of gorgeous fall as a backdrop and the world was just so crisp and clean.
 This kid was a star and he and his team played such a great game to win their semi-finals.
This is a football family for sure and we so loved being with them.
We hugged them goodbye and headed to meet my sister Saydi who happened to be in town at the same time.  But en route made a quick stop to hug my dear high school friend Maureen.
Those girls up there are lucky to have that extra "aunt."

Then we got to catch Saydi and her husband who were in town.

And when there is one or more Eyres around we all just feel compelled to gather.

I love it.

My brother from Provo and his family came up to Salt Lake to drop off my other brother Eli at the airport (the one who was in town from NYC who we hung out with a couple nights before).  They met up with us and Saydi and Jeff...
...and then Saren and her daughter came to gather as well.
I love those folks with all my heart.

We also snuck in a visit with Dave's cousin (who I call my cousin too, love her so) Heather.
(Obviously those girls love her too.)

Phew.  Seriously, that was a whirlwind family tour, if you've made it this far, thanks for coming along!  So grateful we got to hang with all those people I love.

Two more stops to see some beauty in the next post and then I'm done recording this adventure we call Fall Break.  

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Provo {Fall Break 2017 -- part 3}

From St. George we drove to Provo where my brother and his family just moved.  

As we pulled into town I couldn't help but pull over over and over again to bask in the glory of the fall foliage that surrounded us around every corner and at every stop sign.  Claire was our DJ for music at that time and had my favorite version of "Fix You" blaring through the car and we were swelling with emotion for the beauty that surrounded us.  

Maybe the "swelling" within the girls hearts was more about "let's get there already" rather than the beauty looming in front of us, but they were nice enough to nod in agreement to my never-ending proclamations that this was the most beautiful spot ever.

We pulled up closer and closer to that "Y" on the mountain and found my brother's new house nestled right in there at it's base.  
We arrived to pure glee from all the kids.
...and our numbers kept growing as my sister and her daughter came down from Ogden, and my other brother Eli and my cousin Sam joined us from the work meeting they happened to be in town for.
It was a wild ruckus with all those kids being so happy together, giving us a tour of the new house, and talk, talk, talking to catch up with all those people I love so much.

Finally, after we kept these kids up way too late on a school night, we got all these kids tucked into bed...
...after a family prayer and group family motto thing that Noah and Kristi do.
Then the adults stayed up until the wee hours of the morning talking through everything from work to parenting to travel to gospel and then around again and my heart spilled over with so much love for these people I get to be related to.  We finally went to bed at 2 but Saren and I stayed up talking into the darkness of our little guest room even later.

The next morning I got up, bleary-eyed to help get this gaggle of kids out the door for school:
Loved watching Noah and Kristi in action with those six kids.  They are wonder parents I tell you!

After a few years of trying to get my girls up to that "Y" on the mountain with me, the stars aligned and I got to hike not only with them, but also my sis and sis-in-law through all that beauty carpeting those granite mountains.

 I couldn't get over the crimsons and burnt oranges creating a carpet of velvet up that hill.  It was so gorgeous with the sun slanting in such a way that it added even more to the beauty.

We bid goodbye to Kristi and her family and headed to downtown Provo for lunch...
 ...and to see the Provo City Temple which is so pretty.

 (Had to "touch" it as per tradition.)

I tried my darnedest to get up to the Alpine Loop but we ran out of time before we had to leave for the first of our nephew's football games so we "settled" for Provo Canyon which did not disappoint.

Bridal Veil Falls is where Dave and I had our first kiss after my mission so it holds a good little spot in my heart.  Even more-so covered with all that color.
Even better to experience all that beauty with that sister up there who I love so much...and her cute daughter too.

Oh and these girls I adore with all my heart:

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